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Hi, I'm Jason Pon and I have been using a therapy designed specifically for Olympic athletes, but I now use it to treat everyday people and to help them overcome chronic neck pain, back pain, hip flexor issues, and muscular injuries...

I'm so excited to share the great improvements that we've been able to achieve using this therapy that I have written a book explaining and sharing some of the great stories of success and health that I have seen in the last two years.

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    Neck Pain

    Neck pain leads to neck stiffness, headaches, and decreased range of motion. It impairs everyday activities like driving and can negatively impact your quality of life.

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    Lower Back Pain

    Back pain affects 65 MILLION Americans every year and leads to problems with work, home life, and mood. It is a leading cause of missing work and dissatisfaction with retirement.

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    Pelvic Pain / Muscle Stiffness

    Experiencing stiffness after sitting for long periods? Muscles called the "hip flexors" can become the source of stiffness and pain that limits motion, affecting your ability to bend over, sit down, and drive a car.

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    Leg and Ankle

    Leg and ankle injuries are some of the most common injuries - especially among athletes young and old. BMS therapy can improve healing times and reduce pain and swelling!

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    Athletic Injuries

    No joint or muscle group is safe from injury. Athletic injuries need pain relief and a quicker recovery so that you can return to your team and your sport even faster.

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